Safelog Pilot Logbook

Safelog Pilot Logbook

By Dauntless Software

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2011-02-01
  • Current Version: 9.21.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 103.42 MB
  • Developer: Dauntless Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 71 Ratings


Welcome to Safelog, the world's most trusted and versatile pilot logbook system! We're humbled by and grateful to the tens of thousands of you in over 100 countries, including student and private pilots through senior airline and military captains, who have made Safelog the smart pilot's #1 choice. We also thank our airline, flight school, charter, and other institutional partners who have come to have Safelog fly with them in everything from Cessna 150s and Robinson R22s through to Boeing 787s, Airbus A380s, and Gulfstream Vs. We love you back - Safelog provides more features at a lower price than any other serious logbook app BY FAR, and we're continuously making it better still. Thinking about an eLogbook? Smart move! Safelog helps you stay CURRENT, ORGANIZED, and LEGAL. It's a powerful yet easy to use system with a polished user experience, tons of useful features, multi-platform support, and a sensible, sustainable purchase price. The latter is really important - we charge a fair price so that the system will be there for you in the future. Where fly-by-nights and one man shops come and go, we've had a full time staff working hard on Safelog since 1998 and we plan on earning your trust and improving the product well into the future. Safelog is fully compatible with USA FAA regulations (61.65, 91, 135, 141, etc.), EASA-FCL, UK CAP 407, Transport Canada, CASA Australia, DGAC, and all other known aviation authorities worldwide. But don't trust our words - you can get going right now with Safelog for free, right now, to see how it works. You'll find that it's easy to get into but is also a very deep system loaded with subtle customization options and features for when you need them. Safelog can be configured to work and look like nearly every paper logbook available worldwide. It can be made to looks and feel like the logbook you already know and it's the ONLY eLogbook system that provides you with a true logbook view -- not a cut down approximation -- on all iOS devices. This is a massive plus - it's the difference between having a thin "companion piece" and having your complete logbook right there when and where you want it. What's more, Safelog provides cloud synchronization included at at no extra cost. This help keeps your log data protected and multiply-backed up and allows you to use multiple Safelog platforms and devices at once - such as your iPhone and iPad. We take pride in that the Safelog system works out to be FAR LESS EXPENSIVE while providing FAR MORE FEATURES than competing apps. A single Safelog subscription, available via secure in-app purchase from within this app, covers you on this and all other available Safelog platforms. The full list of Safelog features is too long to list here. Here are just a few: * Polished user experience * Quick and efficient flight entry * 70,000+ record airport database * Duty and Block time logging for airline pilots * Schedule import from major airline systems (see site for details) * Log expenses and income * Powerful filter lets you zoom in * Aircraft and contact managers * Highly customizable fields * Over 100 high quality PDF reports and logbook printouts * Enter summary prior totals * CSV import and export * Signature Pad and camera support * Built in currency and aeronautical experience analyzers * Custom currency and analysis rules * Integrated graphs and charts Already using another eLogbook? We offer a FREE TRANSITION SERVICE for users of our core products allowing you to get your data our of more expensive and less capable other electronic logbook programs. Thousands of pilots have migrated to Safelog once they've seen beyond the marketing hype and hidden costs of our competitors and realize that we really do offer more at a highly competitive price while offering you a system that is intended to keep your data safe and available and grow with you wherever your aviation adventure takes you. Thanks for checking out Safelog!



  • Great app

    By Cl604
    Used it for many years now. Fly all over the world, and have never had an issue imputing airports. The nice part, it can simple or complex- and you get to decide it. Will never go back to paper.. If you are an experienced pilot like me, or an up and coming pilot looking for a new approach to a logbook, you will not be disappointed... worth ever cent..
  • Disappointed

    By Nmckean
    This app and even the computer software is very unstable. Will shut down on its own periodically. App will take 3-4 minutes just to open and up to 5-10 minutes to sync on reliable internet source. Waste of money in my opinion, I will be getting a different program.
  • Fantastic! Meets and exceeds all my needs

    By Rdcook89
    I’ve used the software for about 5 years now. I love being able to track my flights and all the reports generated are excellent. I am a civilian aviator but just switched over to military flying and SafeLog is able to accomodate both types of flying. Highly customizable and great features and updates. Customer for life!
  • Great but new version is buggy

    By Sleepyboyd
    I've used this app for over 4 years and its worked great. I really like the products dauntless software has produced and they have helped me from my Instrument, Commercial, ATP, and now CFI. The logbook keeps a great record of my flights, and prints a smart looking logbook. The new version crashes when I try to filter my logbook though. Its only slightly annoying now, but they need an update to fix the crashes.
  • Super expensive, poor and unprofessional staff

    Don't waste your hard earned money on this super expensive app. You're better off just using a free excel spreadsheet. The so called James (RC plane pilot, Desk Pilot) is the most overbearing disrespectful bully customer service person I've seen in my life. I guess he is his own boss and does not care to help the paying customer and instead just bullies them. Don't waste your money. This one man company is not deserving of it.
  • Do not update

    By Skysailer
    I've been a safelog user for over 4 years and while the mobile user-interface was always somewhat clunky it at least worked. The current update adds more steps to quickly logging flights, the app crashes every couple of minutes and it's completely unresponsive at times... I'm moving on to the competition. Do not update!
  • The Best by Far

    By Dingaan
    The best logbook app by far! Best data entry and international support. 😉
  • Unreal customer service

    By FlyJas
    Just wanted to throw a one-star in there for Dauntless’s baffling customer service strategy. I’ve communicated with them on multiple occasions in the past and the rude, sarcastic responses leave you wondering. This company must spend quite a bit on fake positive AppStore reviews, because I can’t imagine any real customer has has had a good customer service experience. Always looking out for “Steve” at GA events, but have yet to meet the man in person.
  • Very pleased and impressed!!

    By Arizona723
    I've been looking for a good, reasonably priced pilot log book software for over 5 years. This is very easy to setup and use, very readable and unbeatable in price for value. Customer service is better than any I've experienced. I needed to have a 10 year old Captain's Log 2000 e-file converted. The file was converted in less than an hour, but a gentleman (Steve) at Dauntless, noticed it wasn't quite right and initiated a call to me to fix the issue. That's very rare and greatly appreciated. He worked with me, on the phone, for about an hour to resolve the issues completely. Captain's Log has a weird data base. I'm very pleased with the application and the customer service. Highly recommend this.
  • AWFUL company and rude tech support

    By thepilotbrad
    I'll let my conversations with tech support speak for themselves! I'll be going back to Logbook Pro! THEY CANT EVEN SPELL CORRECTLY EITHER A helpdesk issue that you submitted has been responded to as follows: Apologies - my previous analysis was incorrect. the issue is wiht your flight sin EC 135 P2 N which you have not indicated single or multi for. there was no magic in waht i dd for you. i simply started at your logbook on page 1 and looked page by page until there was a discrepancy at the bottom. when there was, i read up to find the source of this. thanks and have a great evening [--- UPDATED: 12/28/2014 6:17:03 PM ---] "I would hope you are familiar with your logbook system!" we''re not fans of sarcasm nor of your constant virtual yelling with !s and insulting questions. i took time out of my sunday to help you and you act,well rudely, to put it midldly. im also surprised how you didn''t appear to do even a tiny bit of investigation on your own to solve this problem. your flight of 14.Jul.17 shows the issue. you have AS50B FSIFTDAS350 listed as a helicopter but havent given it a single of multi-engine characteristic. have a great evening. Steve CFI [--- UPDATED: 12/28/2014 6:00:26 PM ---] As it takes us an extraordinarily long time to look into such issues and because nearly all such reports are caused by user error, we ask that you provide a VERY VERY VERY VERY specific set of steps that we can use to try to understand and duplicate your problem. Please avoid generic terms such as ''any.'' Please give us a very concrete example that we can see in your logbook so that our team can look into it. Thanks Steve CFI Your Original Question / Comment was: Okay let''s see if this is specific enough for you if not please let me know! I would hope you are familiar with your logbook system! I entered times in the log those time consisted or contained times of Single and Multi Engine helicopters which are the only two times of helicopters that exists! Ones with one engine or two engine! The SE helicopter time plus the ME helicopter time should equal total Helicopter time correct? Why doesn''t it? [--- UPDATED: 12/28/2014 4:16:14 PM ---] i removed my carryover times from the legacy part and placed them in categories. I have looked through my logs multiple times and everything seems to be correct but when i add SE Helicopter and Multi Engine Helicopter times the amount does not equal my total aircraft time. Additionally my total time does not match when I add up the other categories. Thank you again for contacting the helpdesk. Dauntless Support