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The Stock Whisperer

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New to The Stock Whisperer offering, we've created the Dark Pool App. The app itself is free to download. In the App you'll see Stefanie tweeting all day long on the highly unusual trades that will affect specific stocks along with the entire market. You can also subscribe to receive specific levels to watch along with pictures of these trades and charts showing you the highest probability trade set ups. You’ll get notifications when the dark pool is buying and you’ll get notified when they are selling. Download the app today and get started! Per Device Subscription



  • Time needed for notifications

    By jhw56
    There is no time of a notification/recommendation. To the right there is something suggesting “25 min” a time but it is not reliable and doesn’t change when it is old that I can see. On the desktop there is a big time stamp but nothing on the paid app. Update: There is now a time stamp on paid app. I don’t know what time zone it is, but it does help. Added 1 star for this.
  • Pay $19.99 for doing the testing work for them

    By kpn star
    The app is clearly not even beta ready and can’t believe Apple let them sell it. The so called pvt feed is not sorted and there is no way to sort. Posts show 2m , 40m ago and in no particular order. There is no settings or configurations option. Notifications doesn’t pop unless you have the app open etc etc ..